About Us

We have specialized in textile field for over 25 years in UAE and 35 years in India. Alif Designers uniform learn of talented professionals, have over three decades of experience as well as understanding of local culture and requirements, devise garment solutions that fits the purpose of your business, whether hospitality or promotional, to truly enhance your brand identitiy, Alif Designer’s uniform tailors are handpicked experts with finesse in execution specially recruited from Mumbai, India.

At Alif Designers uniform, we discern that smart and comfortable uniforms facilitate in impressing clients and aid employees to believe they are valued. Our product includes understanding the client.

requirement: propose innovative designs while offering comprehensive, personal service.

As part of our alif designers uniform service, we personally undertake fabric testing to ensure quality and durability of garments. Also, each garment is made according to each measure to ensure an excellent final fit. So. Leave your tailor-made garment requirements to us and see your brand identity enhance.